Peabody Plaza Timelapse

Construction of Peabody Plaza began in March of 2018. At the same time, this site began collecting timelpase footage of the construction process. You can keep up with Peabody Plaza's progress through monthly YouTube updates as well as daily timelapse updates posted to Twitter.

Final Timelapse Compilation

Timelapse Archive

More Information

Peabody Plaza

UrbanPlanet has a thread with regularly updated photos of the construction site.

From The Tennessean, Construction on Rolling Mill Hill's newest development is off and running.

Nashville Post has a number of renderings of the Peabody Plaza complex at Rolling Mill Hill.

Technical Details

Timelapse and still images are captured using a Raspberry Pi. Still images are recorded every minute. Each day a timelapse of those images is compiled to show construction progress between the hours of 10AM and 3PM.

Full timelapse is composed manually each mnoth.

Sample scripts are available on GitHub.

Yesterday's Timelapse

You can always catch yesterday's timelapse posted here at approximately 9pm Nashville time.